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cider courses and training

Mitchell F&D Limited - Advisory Services

Mitchell F&D Limited is able to offer a range of confidential, tailor-made bureau services to the cider industry and other clients.

Assistance is available to large and small businesses alike and to private and public sector organisations involved in working within the food and drink sector. Projects may be carried out on or off-site as appropriate, and are available to clients throughout the UK and overseas.

Assignments can be offered on a one-off, or longer-term basis and may involve one or more of the following aspects:

  • Bespoke training - focusing on the specific needs and requirements of a client's business and using flexible and cost effective approaches to suit individual requirements. For further information about the types of training available, please visit the Training Courses sections on this website;
  • Development and implementation of production and process systems, facilities and resources;
  • Plant and equipment selection and layout design;
  • Assistance with business planning, performance monitoring and control and business administration - including the development, implementation and monitoring of performance indicators and KPIs;
  • Planning, development, implementation, evaluation and review of Quality Control and Quality Assurance plans and systems;
  • Development and implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans and systems. Auditing, evaluation and review;
  • Development and implementation of documentation and record keeping systems;
  • Survey work, feasibility studies and strategic development projects;
  • Bid writing, project development and management/co-ordination for physical, process, production, Quality Assurance and Quality Control and business development ventures;
  • Research and development projects;
  • New Product Development (NPD) work;
  • Process and production improvements - from raw material processing through to packaging and labelling;
  • Hygiene monitoring and control;
  • Assistance with laboratory analytical and microbiological testing;
  • Organoleptic assessment and sensory analysis studies - including the use of consumer panels;
  • Advice on legislative requirements;
  • Problem solving, trouble-shooting, investigations and general consultancy;
  • Marketing.

Carefully selected Associates or partnership organisations (e.g. specialist laboratories) may be involved in some assignment work, if appropriate to individual circumstances.

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