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Useful Links and Info:

A. Cider & Drinks

1. Wittenham Hill Cider Page. An excellent source of technical information is Andrew Lea's website:   http://www.cider.org.uk

2. Association des Industries des Cidres et Vins De Fruits de l'U.E (AICV):   http://www.aicv.org/

3. National Association of Cider Makers (NACM):   http://www.cideruk.com/

4. The Hereford Cider Museum:   http://www.cidermuseum.co.uk/

6. The Brogdale Trust. The main UK apple collection:   http://www.brogdalecollections.org/

7. Westons Cider:   http://www.westons-cider.co.uk

8. Thatchers Cider:   http://www.thatcherscider.co.uk

B. General Food & Drink

1. Foodlaw-Reading. Information on UK food & drink legislation:   http://www.foodlaw.rdg.ac.uk/index.htm

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